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Some parts of London to see record rise of divorces

Date: (11 January 2013)    |    

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The New Years are normally meant for fresh starts and new resolutions many take up to shed weight or quit smoking but some would secure a date in the divorce courts which seems to take the top slot of the list.

For divorce lawyers the first Monday back to work is called the D Day’ as thousands of couples up and down the country start flocking to family law solicitors in search of a clean break.

Hampstead with its dubious records has gained notoriety for infidelity in recent times even last year’s research suggesting Camden being the most adulterous borough in the capital.

This year could see a new high for the number of Hampstead divorces.

Some explosive high-profile affairs have often seen a dramatic ending with Ruth Ellis gunning down her lover David Blakely in South End Green in 1955. An affair between broadcaster Baroness Joan Bakewell and playwright Harold Pinter which also inspired his 1978 play Betrayal.

But even by its own standards 2013 seems to have started off on a flying note.

A family law firm based in Hampstead has said that it normally saw 60 couples making contact in January but this year it is predicting almost 100 couples by the end of this month.

Another family law solicitor said that couples often hang their hopes on Christmas because it’s the time they came together with their family to reignite the marital flame but mostly it goes all wrong.

The solicitor who is married and father of two says that office affairs, interference by parents-in-laws and in some cases, a change of gender preference are among the reasons why couples make it their New Year’s resolution to split.

But this year the impending end of Legal Aid for poorer spouses in divorce proceedings has sparked a surge in enquiries to divorce lawyers he added.

People often wanted to start the year with their new partner like a New Years resolution.