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A new web app from DWP launched to support separating parents

Date: (3 December 2012)    |    

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched a web application called Sorting out Separation’ which would feature an innovative and interactive tool, which offers parents personalised advice and would guide them to where they could access further support.
This has followed after a poll which suggested that more than half of separating parents have had difficulty in accessing advice. A YouGov poll of 2505 UK adults commissioned by the DWP has revealed that more than half of parents (52%) found it hard to access help and support they needed when they separated.
It would be for the first time that 300,000 families would undergo separation every year in Britain would have access to free online advice tailored to their needs.
The Work and Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, Said, that parents had told them that they were not sure who to approach or where to turn for support when they were going through divorce proceedings. A third of British children were living in separated families and it was essential that parents got access to better advice.
Parents who worked together could be in the best interest of the children, and more collaboration between them would see less stressed out children due to the impact of separation on them.
He added that that was why the new web app, was being launched to give people support tailored to their needs.
‘Sorting out Separation’ would be a one-stop-shop for any parent going through a separation. It would cover advice on the effects of separation, how to avoid it and how to cope with the emotional impact of breaking up, accessing legal or housing support and arranging child maintenance.
The web app will be hosted by a range of family websites, starting with the likes of Relate, National Family Mediation, Mumsnet, Dad. info, Gransnet and Wikivorce.
Other findings from the new YouGov survey also showed that 39% of parents never accessed any professional support when they separated from their partners, of whom 25% said it was because they couldn't find the right help or support or felt embarrassed.
Of those parents who did seek professional help, 27% of them felt they received conflicting advice.
A £20m fund had been announced earlier this year to help support separating parents of which this application is a part. The DWP has worked with the Department for Education and Ministry of Justice in developing the new service in conjunction with the voluntary and community sector.