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A Freedom of Information request submitted by a charity has found that that police and local authorities in Wales were not doing enough to encourage victims of forced marriage to come forward and report. It found just two people contacted Dyfed Powys Police for help in three years.
Though the North Wales Police refused to say how many forced marriage referrals it had received between April 20




The campaign group ‘Prison Reform Trust’ has called on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to commission a payment by results pilot to test the effectiveness of the active involvement by prisoners in their own resettlement plans.
The controversial suggestion has come in the wake of a warning by the charity saying that re-offending levels were at risk of rising as resources for assisting prisoners ba




Expensive social housing should be sold to fund house-building a report has urged.

The report by Policy Exchange has said that selling highest value properties could generate £4.5bn to build up to 170,000 social homes a year.

The influential think-tank, set up by the Conservative MP Nick Boles, a key ally of David Cameron, estimates the move could reduce the housing waiting list




Finding it difficult to deport foreign criminals due to human rights issues involved the government has now come out with a plan where it would make jails in countries, which have most number of inmates belonging from those countries, more comfortable so that the prisoners could be persuaded to serve their sentences in their home country.
The ministers have resorted to the idea and it would be




The new body which is replacing the existing Child Support Agency is charging 12% of any maintenance that a single parent gets which has been criticised as filling its black hole in its budget.
In fact the plans to charge the single parent mostly women to get access to the replacement agency could worsen child poverty the MPs have warned. The ministers said that half of all children in the UK




People who work or studies in a foreign country end up having a family with someone from a different nationality.
Though it’s good for international understanding it becomes challenging to the family courts when the relationship breaks down.
The question that arises is where the divorce should be filed, about the custody and visitation or if the custodial battle turns acrimonious.




An estimate says that between 2009 and 2010 there were one million false claims for treatment of NHS patients by dentists.
Ministers blamed the fraud on Labour’s dental contract, introduced in 2006, which created a banding system allowing dentists to make claims for more expensive treatment than the work they carried out
Dentists no longer claim for specific work such as a filling or crown




According to a figure disclosed by the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith more than 11,000 households were raking in benefits that were equivalent of a higher rate taxpayer’s £47,000 salary.
The figures were revealed on the eve of letters being sent to households this week explaining about the new benefit cap which is pegged at the average annual working wage of £26,000.
The cap