Privatisation of courts not part of the plans for saving funds says MoJ

Housing problem effecting children’s overall upbringing says housing charity Shelter

SRA red tape initiative would allow not for profit agencies employing solicitors to charge their clients

NHS gag clause in severance agreement banned by the government

A court in London was told that Saudi princes were exempt from immigration controls under ‘sovereign immunity’

Home office to appeal against the case of MF

Debt Management Plan Protocol set up by Insolvency Services

A report on asylum seeking children and families found the support system too inhumane

Some parts of London to see record rise of divorces


New compensation limits under Employment Rights coming into force from 1 February

A new web app from DWP launched to support separating parents

David Oakes who has been sentenced to life, has lost his appeal on the legality of life sentences.

Appeals judges have warned that judges should think twice before stalling a cross examination

Employment lawyers have reacted in disbelief over the proposed rights for share scheme

Charity say police and local authorities have failed to encourage victims of forced marriage to report

The Prison Reform Trust says prisoners should be asked what would stop them from re-offending

Selling away most expensive social housing would generate enough funds for more affordable social homes says a think tank

Government funding foreign jails to improve conditions so as to send foreign prisoners in UK to their home prisons

UK signs compulsory prisoner transfer agreement with Albania

The charges being collected by the new body replacing the Child Support Agency, from the parents is going to worsen child poverty says a report

International conventions meant to harmonize legal disputes being disregarded and frequently evaded in case of child custody and child abduction

An investigation has revealed that fraudulent claims by NHS dentists had cost taxpayers over £73million in just one year.

Government to send letters to all the benefit recipients to explain the benefit cap and the support of government in finding work

If my asylum case is refused, can I appeal?

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The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has dismissed claims that it was actively considering ‘the wholesale’ privatisation of the courts service as part of a radical review to save funds.
However a spokesman has confirmed that it was looking at ways of improving efficiency of HMCTS as part of cost saving review.




In a survey done by the charity Shelter’ it was found that majority of people living in the private rental sector in England were of the opinion that their children would have a better childhood if they had more stable housing arrangements.
Less than 10 percent of 4,327 adults surveyed said they valued their freedom and flexibility renting gave them. 28 percent said their landlord or letting agent had failed to carry out repairs or deal with poor conditions in the past year.




Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority in its seventh version of the SRA Handbook has given Law Centres and not-for-profit sector more flexibility in as much as that these agencies employing solicitors now can charge clients.




The government has banned gag clauses which stops departing staff from speaking out about patient safety or care.
Hundreds of whistleblowers have been silenced by the clauses in severance agreements to stop them from highlighting facts that would put hospitals in a discomfort.




Some of Saudi Arabian royal princes consider themselves to be exempt from UK immigration controls when entering the UK a London court heard. Such a claim leads to the argument that they are entitles to ‘sovereign immunity’ in complex legal case.




Further to the row which has erupted between Theresa May and some immigration judges over the deportation of foreign criminals the government is planning to appeal against the case of MF.




The consumer affairs minister Jo Swinson has launched a new Debt Management Plan (DMP) Protocol which would give protection to consumers who pay for advice on managing their debts.
The Insolvency Service would oversee the protocol, which would have been agreed upon between the management providers and the creditors. Consumer need not pay any fees before signing a contract with a protocol compliant debt management company.




A panel headed by Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather held an investigation on homeless refugees and their plight and Ms Teather said that the members of the panel were left ashamed and appalled by the testimony of asylum seekers, and that their treatment in the UK was on the edge of being described inhumane.




The New Years are normally meant for fresh starts and new resolutions many take up to shed weight or quit smoking but some would secure a date in the divorce courts which seems to take the top slot of the list.

For divorce lawyers the first Monday back to work is called the D Day’ as thousands of couples up and down the country start flocking to family law solicitors in search of a clean break.




If you are an individual or company burdened by debts and unable to pay you may need the advice on how best to resolve your problems.
A court has to issue a bankruptcy order against you to declare you a bankrupt and it may pass an order in two cases:




The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2012 would become active from the 1st of February 2013 increasing the limits on certain employment tribunal awards and other money payable under the employment legislation from the appropriate dates.




The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched a web application called Sorting out Separation’ which would feature an innovative and interactive tool, which offers parents personalised advice and would guide them to where they could access further support.




The legality of whole life sentences was upheld by the court of appeal which refused to reduce the prison term imposed on him who not only tortured his former partner but also shot dead their two year old daughter.
The five judges said David Oakes should serve the lifer but at the same time the court overturned similar sentences of two notorious offenders, Danilo Restivo and Michael Roberts.




The appeal judges have warned that advocates may have better grasp of forensic realities.

The appeal judges have warned that judges should think twice before halting cross-examinations by advocates particularly when they respond by standing their ground Lord Justice Munby has said.

Munby LJ said that judges presiding over family cases too should stop irrelevant or time wasting cross examinations.




An employment lawyer from a leading employment law firm whilst welcoming the moves to encourage employee engagement and commitment to businesses questioned the bizarre package of signing away rights to claim unfair dismissal, flexible working, training and maternity leave.
He said that it strikes to him as if the scheme was not for helping to encourage employment engagement and productivity but making the removing of employment rights more palatable.




A Freedom of Information request submitted by a charity has found that that police and local authorities in Wales were not doing enough to encourage victims of forced marriage to come forward and report. It found just two people contacted Dyfed Powys Police for help in three years.
Though the North Wales Police refused to say how many forced marriage referrals it had received between April 2009 and March 2012, but it is being believed that just one person came forward in that time as confirmed by a freedom information officer.




The campaign group ‘Prison Reform Trust’ has called on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to commission a payment by results pilot to test the effectiveness of the active involvement by prisoners in their own resettlement plans.
The controversial suggestion has come in the wake of a warning by the charity saying that re-offending levels were at risk of rising as resources for assisting prisoners back into the communities was coming under pressure.




Expensive social housing should be sold to fund house-building a report has urged.

The report by Policy Exchange has said that selling highest value properties could generate £4.5bn to build up to 170,000 social homes a year.

The influential think-tank, set up by the Conservative MP Nick Boles, a key ally of David Cameron, estimates the move could reduce the housing waiting list by 600,000 in five years.




Finding it difficult to deport foreign criminals due to human rights issues involved the government has now come out with a plan where it would make jails in countries, which have most number of inmates belonging from those countries, more comfortable so that the prisoners could be persuaded to serve their sentences in their home country.




A mandatory transfer agreement between Britain and the Albanian government would see more than 100 Albanian prisoners spending time in British prisons sent back to Albania to complete their sentences.
The Ministry of Justice said that the deal was the first bilateral agreement signed with a country that had a large number of foreign national offenders in British jails. There are 180 Albanian prisoners in Britain of whom more than 100 could be eligible for being sent back.




The new body which is replacing the existing Child Support Agency is charging 12% of any maintenance that a single parent gets which has been criticised as filling its black hole in its budget.
In fact the plans to charge the single parent mostly women to get access to the replacement agency could worsen child poverty the MPs have warned. The ministers said that half of all children in the UK from separated families were already being brought up in poverty.




People who work or studies in a foreign country end up having a family with someone from a different nationality.
Though it’s good for international understanding it becomes challenging to the family courts when the relationship breaks down.




An estimate says that between 2009 and 2010 there were one million false claims for treatment of NHS patients by dentists.
Ministers blamed the fraud on Labour’s dental contract, introduced in 200




According to a figure disclosed by the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith more than 11,000 households were raking in benefits that were equivalent of a higher rate taxpayer’s £47,000 salary




Duncan Lewis:A caseworker, assigned to each applicant for asylum, will liaise with the applicant during the entire cycle of the application process. If the application is unsuccessful, the caseworker will explain the reasons for the decision to the applicant and tell him or her whether there are sufficient grounds for launching an appeal against the decision and how to go about doing this.




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